Alameda Guitar Studio

About Matt


Matt is a guitar teacher teaching guitar lesssons in Alameda, CA. Matt is a guitarist, songwriter, teacher and sound engineer who has been playing music for over 20 years: 21 years on guitar, including 15 years as a private instructor, and 4 years of classical training on flute. He holds an M.A. in Composition, is a graduate of Musicians Institute and holds a minor in music from UCSD.  Matt has studied guitar with Peter Sprague, Scott Henderson, Ed Harkins, and Jamie Findlay. He currently teaches music courses at several community colleges in the Bay Area.


A performer and composer in rock, funk, jazz, and blues, Matt enjoys teaching a broad range of styles and students.   Matt works with students to develop a curriculum based on their individual skill level, musical interests and goals.  Matt is currently teaching music at several community colleges throughout the Bay Area.


Utilizing a variety of audio programs (Finale, Pro Tools, etc.), Matt has composed a variety of pieces.  His latest work is a five part piece written for string quartet, plus piano and clarinet.

Professional Musician and Sound Engineer

Matt spent several years performing guitar professionally at clubs, weddings, and corporate parties. He has performed and/or recorded with many notable artists including: Ron Fountainberry a.k.a. The Incredible Moses Leroy, Brian Jordan (Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe), Brett Sanders (Karl Denson Trio), Cochemea Gastelum (Robert Walters’ 20th Congress), and Tariqh Akoni.

In addition, Matt has professional experience recording, engineering, and working with midi/computer interfacing.  Matt has served as recording and sound engineer on several albums.  He recently completed the soundtrack for a commercial promoting Mission College’s Multimedia Program.  Additional multimedia projects include composing original music for a film,  designing a video game and building a reactive table.  He has also worked as an instructor at Pyramind Studios in San Francisco.