Alameda Guitar Studio

My Portfolio


Media Projects:

Silentium Dei  (film) – composed original music for film.

Radio Commercial for Mission College (commercial, radio) – composed music for a commercial to run on Pandora.

Pretty Lil Leeks (commercial, video) – composed music for a commercial.

Commercial for the Multimedia Program at Mission College  (video) – composed original music, recorded voiced over and handled audio post production.

The Ballad of Kokopelli Trailer (video) – utilized Pure Data, Osculator and Flash to develop a music themed video game music inspired by the mystical spirit, Kokopelli. Meet Kokopelli’s animal friends and help them reunite with their kind. Play kokopelli’s special songs with the magical flute to activate gameplay and watch this legendary story unfold. Highlighted at the Makers Fair 2010.

Die Neuntafel, “Resurrection” Reactive Table (video) – utilized Pure Data and Reactivision to design and build a reactive table with an etched plexiglass tabletop that allows a digital camera to track fiducial movement that triggers audio events in the form of isorhythmic cantus firmus cacophony.


Cicatrices I (audio) – composition for string quartet, plus clarinet and piano

Cicatrices II (audio) – composition for string quartet, plus clarinet and piano

Cicatrices V (audio) – composition for string quartet, plus clarinet and piano

Powder Thy Whig (audio) – invention in the style of Bach

Performance and Sound Engineering:

Secret Sons Album (audio) -  co-wrote, performed (guitar/back-up vocals), recorded, mastered/mixed, and produced several albums for the Secret Sons.

DeSol Live Concert Video (video) – mixed 24 tracks of live audio for music video.